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About www Redirect Checker

Like me, you're always worried about whether your website is redirecting correctly. Well, worry no more! With the www Redirect Checker, you can quickly check to see if your website is turning perfectly. Just enter your URL, and we'll do the rest.



Redirect a Checker is an online tool that helps you with two main things:
- TEST if a URL redirects (301, 302, etc.), and
- FOLLOW the redirect path to see where the URL directs you.


What is a Redirect Checker?

A Redirect Checker is a tool that lets you check if a URL is redirected to another URL. A redirect is when a website or web page is moved to a new URL. Several types of redirects exist, and a www Redirect Checker can help you determine which type of redirect is used.


How does a Redirect Checker work?

Redirect checkers are used to checking the status of a redirect. They work by sending a request to the server for the original URL and following any returned redirects. The final URL is checked to see if it matches the expected destination. If it does not, then the redirect is considered to have failed.


What are the benefits of using a Redirect Checker?

There are several benefits of using a Redirect Checker. First, it can help you identify any redirects on your site. Second, a Redirect Checker can help determine if a particular redirect is still active and working as intended. Finally, a Redirect Checker can also help you troubleshoot any issues you may have with your website's redirects.


How to use a www Redirect Checker

Assuming that you already have a list of URLs you want to check for redirects, the process is pretty straightforward. Just enter the URL into the Redirect Checker tool, and Voila! We'll do the rest.

Here's a step-by-step guide:

1. Enter the URL into the Redirect Checker tool.
2. Click "Check."
3. The tool will run a quick scan and return the results in seconds.
4. If there are any redirects, they will be listed in the results along with their "type" and "status code."


Tips for using a Redirect Checker

A redirect checker is a handy tool that can save you time and effort when troubleshooting website issues. By inputting a URL into the checker, you can instantly see whether or not it has been redirected and, if so, where it has been shifted.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when using a www redirect checker:

- Check the URL input field for errors before hitting "Enter." A common mistake is accidentally leaving out "HTTP://" or "HTTPS://," which will result in an error.
- If you get an error message that says the URL could not be found, double-check the URL to ensure it is correct. Sometimes a simple typo can cause this error.
- Try inputting the URL with "www" and without "www" to see if there is a difference in the results. For example, if "" redirects but "" does not, that means there is likely an issue with your domain's DNS settings.
- If you see that the URL has been redirected, but you're not sure where it has been turned to, try using a different redirect checker tool. Sometimes one tool will show more information than another.



Thank you for using the www Redirect Checker! We hope this redirect checker has helped you find any redirects on your website. If you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch with us.