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Website owners may earn money by doing the following:

Diversification is recommended by the Worth Of Web Team in two ways.

To begin, within your affiliate links. Try out several affiliate programs at the same time and don't limit yourself to just one. Amazon, for example, can drop their prices even lower tomorrow. Prepare for unanticipated dangers. Check out the Affiliate Program Database (APDB) to find successful niches and high-paying affiliate programs.

Second, place display advertisements near your affiliate links. For many, Google AdSense is the go-to source. AdSense, on the other hand, has one of the lowest RPMs (page revenue per thousand impressions) in the business. There is a legitimate technique to triple (yes, 3X, or much more) your AdSense earnings. To learn more, select your website type from the list below.

Our reports include the following sections:

What is the value of a website?

How much money can this website generate?
Estimate Website Traffic Search Engines & Social Media User Experience (UX) & User Interface (UI)
Domain and web hosting
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How does our calculator function?
Our users frequently ask us the following questions:

"How did you determine the value of this website?"

"How did you figure out how many visits and pageviews there were?"

"How did you compute daily and monthly revenue?" We make no money from our website."

Here, we shall attempt to describe the fundamentals of our algorithm.


To begin our estimates, we use public traffic ranking data. We estimate traffic counts, visits, and pageviews using Alexa Traffic Rank.

A website's revenue Value

We utilize our traffic prediction to evaluate a website's "possible" advertising income. We understand that each website is unique.

Some sell items online, and we have no way of knowing how much money they make. Because some websites do not employ advertising or any other form of money stream, our calculations will simply illustrate the potential of that website.

We "presume" that the website makes money through advertisements and affiliate programs.

A Website's Ranking

Estimated website value: We calculate it based on our daily, monthly, and annual revenue estimates.

Web Rank Value: We compute it depending on the traffic numbers we utilized.

Our Calculator's Precision

Our goal is to provide a comparison tool to assist you in tracking your development. It is challenging work to improve websites, blogs, and internet companies. Automated tools, such as our website value calculator, may help you measure your progress and compare yourself to your competition by generating a score/ranking.

We are well aware that being correct with these estimates is nearly impossible. After all, we're utilizing public rating systems that aren't reliable in the first place. We base our research on these figures and the premise that the website operates on an advertising/affiliate income model.

As a result, please do not anticipate this automatic method to be completely correct.