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About Website Screenshot Generator

You should be able to capture a screenshot of the screen shown on your home computer if you are computer competent. You might even be able to capture a screenshot with your smartphone or tablet. Taking a screenshot of a website by visitors, on the other hand, is a very different story. As a website administrator, you may receive complaints from customers who believe there is a problem with your website and that it has been hacked or infected with malware or a virus. Or the web site's function isn't presenting the page that it's intended to. The first thing you should do is ask the site visitor to try to figure out what's wrong.

But what if the visitor doesn't comprehend your queries or speaks a language other than English? You are now confronted with a real situation for which you have no ready-made answer. You also don't want to let someone down and lose a potential customer.

In such circumstances, you should request that your visitor take a screen capture of your site and email it to you. However, you're more than likely to run into another problem: your visitor doesn't know how to capture a screenshot to email to you.

Use our advanced website screenshot generator to capture web pages from different devices using any resolution. Capture even the entire web page. Minimal value is 100 and maximal value is 9999 or type in full if you need the full website screenshot

How do I screenshot a website page?


  1. Simultaneously hold the power button and volume down button. Some devices require the buttons to be held for “a few” seconds.

  2. The screenshot will be saved to Pictures/Screenshots/ (or DCIM/Screenshots/).

Is website screenshot legal?

In the case of using screen capture, even if you source the image used in your screen capture, it can still be subjected to fair use interpretation. ... In United States copyright law, fair use is a doctrine that permits limited use of copyrighted material without acquiring permission from the rights holders.

How do I get the URL of a screenshot?

You need to press either Alt+PrintScreen or the PrintScreen button to capture a screenshot. Following that, open their website and press Ctrl+V. You will find an option to Save/Share online. Click on that button to get the unique link

How do you make a screenshot a link?

Click on the screenshot image, and then click the Hyperlink button. Enter the web address of the location where your video is hosted into the URL field, and click [OK]. *Optionally you could also set the Target of where the hyperlink will open i.e. New Window or New Tab.