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About Keyword Position Checker

A keyword position is the rank or rung a website occupies in the search engines in respect to other competing websites for a certain term, according to a simple, straightforward definition.

Any SEO-savvy website owner or marketer's goal is to constantly grab and maintain one of the coveted top three positions in SERPs. To do so, you must first determine who is stationed where. You'll be able to create an effective SEO plan to achieve your objectives this way.

It may take some time, but each milestone indicates that you're on the correct track with minimum work. The key is to get started on it straight immediately.

What's the first thing you should do? Find out where you stand in the rankings. That is why we have created this keyword position checker.


As this is a search engine ranking tool, it searches search engine results for the keyword/keywords you supplied in order to calculate the position held by the concerned website for those keywords.

If the results display "1," that implies the website submitted is presently ranked #1 on Google in the specified country. If it reads "100," it refers to 100th place. Do you see what I mean?

Read our SEO blog for the greatest ideas and newest updates on how to rank better on Google and other search engines if you're not content with your site's position on SERPs.

However, in general, you should perform the following:

Publish great articles on a regular basis.
Creating high-quality backlinks
Conduct keyword research.
Conduct SEO audits on your website on a regular basis.
Make your content RankBrain-friendly (because it is the third most important Google ranking signal).
And there's a lot more.

To effectively compete for high rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs), you must use data-driven optimization rather than guesswork.

The placements of your website in SERPs for the keywords you're targeting are one of the most important pieces of information to have.

You'll need a Keyword Position Checker to figure that out.