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A color picker is used to select and adjust color values. In graphic design and image editing, users typically choose colors via an interface with a visual representation of a color—organized with quasi-perceptually relevant hue, saturation, and lightness dimensions (HSL) – instead of keying in alphanumeric text values.

How does the color picker work?

Nowadays, the color pickers in most image and video editing software include a feature that will identify a color in a vision based on its RGB or hexadecimal (HEX) values. When using a color picker, you can click a space containing a color in question, and the color picker will display it.

How does the RGB color picker work?

RGB is a color format that uses the Red, Green, and Blue channels to represent the color by additive color mixing. When you project all three colors, you'll get white. ... Displays are black when turned off*, so RGB is suitable for the task.